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Ground Coffee


It's time to talk food and drink at GM

LOGO cafeWilliam (ON WHITE).jpg

We are still the new kids on the block and just starting out. We are here thanks to Shirley and GM Fitted Furniture Limited; just goes to show, people with great passion can make the impossible happen. That passion extends into our kitchen where we have some great people who genuinely care about the food that we serve to you. 


For me, caféWilliam is going to be about the pleasure we all get from creating and presenting good food to friends and enjoying it in each others company. I have some modest plans that will hopefully roll out this year including; Cook with the Cook and Little Chefs, food and drink tastings and a monthly evening dining experience that might even involve collaborations with some of our favourite Chefs from around the county. Meanwhile, our evening sessions (currently Thursday to Saturday until about 11pm) are really pleasant; the atmosphere is chilled and very friendly, as are our 'bar-fly' regulars.

I've done my best to create a stylish and elegant space for us to relax in and find great coffee, tasty food, with a drink at the bar when we need it. As for caféWilliam the place? Well, we are going to be evolving for a little while yet, so in answer to your question "..are we a café, bistro, brasserie?" I think maybe we are a little bit of each. As for its character? From what we have already seen, that will definitely be whatever YOU make it.

Nothing in this world is perfect but I hope this will be a happy place for you, the team and me.



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